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Great Sleep delivers more than just product.

A healthy life is a balance of diet, exercise, and sleep. Often times, when people focus on living better, they change their diet or increase their exercise; however, the most important step to feeling good each and every day is getting enough sleep.

Research shows that getting the recommended 6-8 hours of sleep each night has amazing benefits, such as lowering your blood sugar and cholesterol. Sleep can heighten your metabolism to make the most of your workouts, lessen chronic pain, and improve memory function by forming and retaining memories. A balanced, healthy life starts with getting great sleep.

GreatSleep.com was designed specifically to offer premium sleep products that will help you sleep better and offer tips to educate you on the importance of sleep, diet, and exercise. These tips could be anything from healthy recipes to workout ideas so you can create a more balanced lifestyle.

GreatSleep.com offers assorted products that will help you get the best sleep every night. We will provide the education to help you buy the right pillow that is personalized to your sleeping style, whether that be different pillow densities or what fill power means. We spend roughly 6 – 8 hours sleeping every single night, so you should make sure that your bed is outfitted with products to help you get the most out of that time.

We’re here to help you discover exactly what you need to get great sleep and live a well-balanced, healthy lifestyle.

Great Sleep and Hollander Sleep Products

We at Great Sleep are proud to part of the Hollander Sleep Products family.

Hollander Sleep Products is the largest pillow and mattress pad manufacturer in North America. You will find Hollander products in most retailers, e-retailers, and hotels under names like Ralph Lauren, Nautica, Pacific Coast Feather, Live Comfortably and many more. Hollander prides itself on using the best raw materials, world class manufacturing techniques, and a worldwide sourcing network to ensure the best quality, price, and selection of products.

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What Does Sustainability Mean to You?Sustainability for a better tomorrow - Great Sleep

We are committed to the challenge of ensuring that our product lines and practices are designed with sustainability being top-of-mind. We recognize that our sustainability initiatives represent a major opportunity to support our environment and our communities, helping us to ensure a healthier tomorrow.


Supplier Practices

We encourage our suppliers to adopt a mindset focused on sustainable practices, and we give preference to those who qualify through our Sustainable Supplier Certification Program.  It is our goal that certain environmental requirements be maintained in any factory making our products.


 Zero Waste

Through programs such as Zero Waste, we select materials with earth-friendly properties and aggressively recycle and re-use materials to help eliminate landfill waste.  We partner with suppliers to ensure that excessive packaging materials are eliminated and that packaging elements are recycled or re-used where possible


Associate Education

Achieving our sustainability goals are dependent on successfully engaging our associates in this mission.  Education, training, and tracking measurable objectives help our associates to play a vital role in the adoption of key sustainable practices, both at work and at home.


 A Healthier Tomorrow

Acting with foresight today is a crucial step toward achieving a comprehensive environmental sustainability policy.  We recognize that our sustainability initiatives represent a major opportunity to support our environment and our communities, helping us to ensure a healthier tomorrow.